Working capital's new paradigm: 

Holostic Approach Produces More Efficent Funding

Working capital is the financial lifeblood of an enterprise, and it's often one of the biggest challenges. Historically, addressing the need for working capital has been an intensive process, but now a more streamlined approach is allowing companies to leverage their assets and secure funds at the lowest possible cost - and only when needed.

With this new model, you begin by evaluating working capital needs based on current processes and terms. For discussion, we define working capital as current assets minus current liabilities - the capital of a business used in day-to-day trading operations. Working capital soultions are needed when the formula yields a negative number.  
  • Working Capital lines-of-credit are commonly used by businesses in the manufacturing, service and wholesale or distribution industries, as well as businesses with seasonal financing needs.
  • Export Import Financing is another financing option that is tied to a working capital solutions. Businesses use it to purchase raw materials or finished goods, to cover work-in-process costs, to fill an export order, or to finance extended payment terms to buyers overseas. BB&T export credit insurance helps companies manage financial risk by protecting companies against nonpayment.
BB&T Export-Import Trade Pre-export Financing is guaranteed by either the Export-Import Bank of the United States or the Small Business Administration.
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