Supplier Motivations

for Enrolling in Program

  • Improve operating cycle by turning receivables to cash more quickly
  • Reduce borrowing costs as pricing is based on your customer’s credit profile versus your own
  • Increase advance rate against receivables to 100% for suppliers who otherwise borrow on a formula base from their lender
  • Mitigate concentration risk in receivables that suppliers carry if your customer represents a significant percentage of your sales
  • Reduce borrowing needs as receivables are carried for a shorter period of time
  • Generate the potential for increased sales with customer

The buying organization issues their supplier a confirmed invoice for $100,000 that is due in 60 days.

Your company immediately offers it for sale to BB&T.

The cost is determined as follows:
confirmed invoice amount x (60 day LIBOR + Program Rate) x (60 days/360 days)

In this example: $100,000 x (0.30% + 2.0%) x 0.1666 = $341.67
Your net proceeds to be received within 2 business days: $99,658.33
*This example represents facility dynamics only and does not reflect indicative pricing
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